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Magnetic Plates

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We carry magnetic universal plates for different brands of grinding machines. The change of the universal plates can save you plenty of time and reduce a lot of inventory of diamond grinding tools.

Because of the 'Universal', you can use most of trapezoid discs and 3" pucks on the same plates for concrete floor prep. 

*This is special order, leadtime is app. one month. Please details what you want, for what machine and quantity, we will prepare for you upon receipt the down payment of 50% of the invoice amount. 

What do we also carry?

(1) Magnetic adapters for trapezoid shaped diamond grinding shoes 

(2) Adapter for cup wheel-switch from 7/8-5/8" hole to 5/8"-11 threaded arbor

(3) Adapter for resin polishing pucks and flexible pads

(4) Universal magnetic plates for types of grinding machines