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Concrete Surface Prep-3" Segmented Diamond Grinding Pucks 16/20 Grit : STI

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Metal Bond 3" Round Diamond Grinding Pucks For STI Grinders

3" round diamond grinding pucks are popularly used on grinding machines that can take this style. Thanks to more segments per disc, it grinds floors evenly and lasts longer in life.

Featuring big and coarse diamond crystals, 16/20 grit (diamond particles normally range between 16/20 grit) diamond grinding shoes are usually for concrete floors initial grinding and preparation, this grit aggressively resurfaces the floor so as to open the floor quickly. 6-segment design is purposed to reach to maximum floor grinding.

After applying this step, the floors are smooth enough but may still have minor scratches or swirls visually. Leave you the Ground surfaces. 

Our fine diamonds are strictly screened and mixed with metallic powders to reach finest and smoothest floor grinding effect.

  • Segment Configuration: 6 Segment
  • Options Of Bond: Hard, Medium, Soft
  • Grit: 16/20
  • Suggested Applications: Concrete Floors with Soft, Medium and Hard Hardness.
  • Grinding Machines: For types of STI (prep/master) Grinders and plates with proper adapters
  • For convenience of changing diamond sets, We also offer kinds of adapters to fit on different plates, including: a central hole + a side pin to plug in; two holes to plug in, two pins to slide on