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Concrete Floor Resurfacing Tools-Bush Hammer

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Bush Hammer is ideal for deep floor pulverization, especially when you expect to peel off the thick surfaces such as thick coatings, very elastic coverings, asphalt, ceramic thin-set, sanded grout, and so on, and expect to quickly and evenly expose aggregates. It can be used both interior and exterior floors. 

We supply bush hammer rollers, roller with holders and roller with plates for all kinds of grinders.

Some small tips of use:

Do not recommend to put too much pressure while operation, extra pressure may cause the rollers to stop running.

Do not recommend to operation speed too high, ideally in between 700-900RPM.

Water feeding is recommended.


*This is special order, leadtime is app. one month. Please details what you want, for what machine and quantity, we will prepare for you upon receipt the down payment of 50% of the invoice amount.