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Magnetic Adapter Making Diamond Grinding Shoes Change Easy. Reduce Inventory

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Our uniquely designed Adapters make diamond grinding and polishing tools change easy and quick. The use of our adapters can significantly eliminate duplicated inventory so as to save tons of money.

Trapezoid shaped magnetic adapters enable diamond grinding tools to change fast and easy. Simply choose the proper adapter for your plates, pop each of our uniform tri-hole diamond puck on, then mount each of them on the plates same as you do  to diamond pieces, start to work. When you want to switch to another type of grinder, separate every piece with a tool like a flat head screw driver, repeat the same process. 

What do we also carry?

(1) Magnetic adapters for trapezoid shaped diamond grinding shoes 

(2) Adapter for cup wheel-switch from 7/8-5/8" hole to 5/8"-11 threaded arbor

(3) Adapter for resin polishing pucks and flexible pads

(4) Universal magnetic plates for types of grinding machines