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Concrete Surface Prep-30/40 Grit Double Segment Diamond Grinding Shoes: Quick-Change

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*provide adapter discs for HTC plate, then use our 3 big hole Lavina diamond shoes.

Metal Bond Trapezoid Diamond Grinding Shoes

Grit 30# (diamond particles normally range between 30/40#) diamond grinding shoes are usually the first step of metal bond grinding for removing old rough surfaces, or second step after 16/20#. This grit is mostly applied by contractors, the advantages are it can not only make coarse removal and grinding of the old floor surfaces, but also does not gouge the floor. This grit also removes different thin coverings of coatings. 

To make the newly exposed concrete surface smoother, You can follow by this step with finer grits such as 60/80#, 120/150#. 

Our diamonds are strictly screened and mixed with metallic powders to reach the best grinding effect.

  • Segment Configuration: Double Segment
  • Grit: 30/40#
  • Options Of Bond: Hard, Medium, Soft 
  • Suggested Applications: Concrete Floors with Soft, Medium and Hard Hardness
  • Grinding Machines: Machine can fit this style like HTC